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4 Ways to Save Money on Car Insurance Policies for Young Drivers

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Car insurance is a major expense for vehicle owners whether they choose to pay it monthly or annually.

Coverage varies depending on what the individual needs, but there is a general risk assessment carried out by each provider which dictates the end price. This article focuses on four different ways that you can save money on car insurance policies as a young driver, a group that tends to get charged a premium rate for policies. 

Shop Around with a Credible Comparison Site

The easiest way to get the best price options is through using a comparison site to find the best car insurance quotes, like Quotezone is a hub for all things financial and provides valuable information around insurance policy options and money management. You can use Quotezone to search for the best car insurance quotes from leading insurers in the UK.

The benefits of using a comparison site to find the best car insurance quotes are: 

  • Able to see a wide range of policy options
  • Able to get the cheapest price 
  • Often have affiliate bonus deals
  • The results are fast and convenient 

Add Experienced Drivers onto a Policy

When applying for insurance there is more often than not the option to include named additional drivers on the policy. By doing so, assuming the additional driver has a clean driving record, you could save money on the policy. Why is this? 

There are a few factors at play. Firstly, a second main driver tends to suggest that you personally won’t be behind the wheel as much and the driving will be split. Therefore, there is a lower chance of an accident occurring because less time is spent overall on the road. This consideration is especially relevant for younger drivers with less experience adding an experienced driver onto their insurance. 

Take an Advanced Driving Course

There is never any harm in gaining more experience on the road. By doing so, you can pay less for your vehicle policy because you have proven to be a more experienced driver. Any qualification earned after passing a driving test is relevant as long as it is from a credible source and a certificate is gained as proof of completion as the outcome. 

Consider a Black Box

Not everyone wants a black box in their car, but if they did, they could save money if they drive in line with road safety guidelines and take carbon factors into consideration. A black box, or a telematics scheme, is a literal box attached to the vehicle. The purpose is to monitor driving habits such as acceleration, braking, speed limit observation, and similar, for a better picture of how a driver drives. If you drive well, your policy may be cheaper, and you will therefore save some money. This is a great option for first-time drivers. 


Young drivers are inexperienced, which makes them an immediate risk on the road. It takes time to reach the prices that people with years of experience behind them are offered by insurers, but there are certain tricks to reduce a policy to make it more manageable. Remember to shop around as this is the most efficient way of comparing prices!

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4 Ways to Save Money on Car Insurance Policies for Young Drivers