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85% of Torfaen children in care up-to-date with immunisations

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Eighty-five per cent of children being looked after by Torfaen Council are up-to-date with all the immunisations needed for their age.

Cllr Karl Gauden, Llanfrechfa and Ponthir Ward, asked two questions at this morning’s full council meeting about children in Torfaen who are classed as “looked after”.

His first question was: “Could the Exec Member provide statistics, in terms of percentages, of looked after children who have received their various immunisations at the relevant times with their peers?”

Councillor Richard Clark, executive member for children, families and education, said he could confirm that as of the end of December 2023, 85 per cent of looked-after children were up-to-date with their immunisations.

He said that in numbers this was 301 out of the 354 in care. The majority of the 53 who were not up-to-date were young people over 16 and had to give consent themselves. And a further nine of the 53 were in “voluntary care” meaning the parent still had the “decision-making powers.”

Cllr Gauden then asked: “In respect of looked after children across the Borough, would it be possible to outline the procedure used to facilitate sign off of authorisation for children to receive all relevant childhood vaccinations. Anecdotally I have been informed by a resident that gaining permission from Social Services can be less than seamless.

“Also, are we confident that the procedures we have in place are sufficiently robust and that we have specific staff to monitor and ensure that looked after children are not missing important immunisations because consent has not been completed?”

Cllr Clark said that consent was given at “group manager” level in social services for looked-after children but when children were in “voluntary care”, the consent remained with the parent.

He said there can be a delay in consent forms, and some forms need more information than others in relation to each child but “any delays” were “acted on”.

Foster carers do not have the power to give consent for children in their care to have their immunisations.

Information about child immunisations

Visit for the latest public health information on child immunisations for each age group.


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85% of Torfaen children in care up-to-date with immunisations