Eighty thousand athletics fans left the Olympic Stadium last night thrilled at seeing Jason Smyth win the T13 100m and Oscar Pistorius qualify for tonight's T44 200m final, both setting new world records.

We headed for West Ham station and the district line to get us back to Richmond and our hotel.

My niece spotted that I was wearing the same pair of daps as a man sat opposite. This led to a friendly chat between us and his friends.

One of the group, Mariza De Souza, aged 21, a physics student at Imperial College in London, recognised our Welsh accents and asked us where we lived.

The answer 'Cwmbran' gave her a shock. So 80,000 people walk out of the stadium and probably the only people from Cwmbran there that night end up sat next to each other on the way home.

Mariza, from Two Locks, said they were getting off at Hammersmith, just four stops away.

So I had a challenge. In the next eight minutes could I tell someone I had only just met about Cwmbran Life, persuade her to be interviewed, record the interview and take a photo? And this had to be done on a busy, noisy tube.


Click the play button below to listen to Mariza (1m 21 secs) or click on this link here if you haven't got Flash and can't see the button. This is probably the first time anyone has been asked this question in an interview.

“Living in Cwmbran, living in London. What's the big difference?”

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Thanks Mariza for being such a good sport and agreeing to this interview under such strange circumstances.

Yesterday was a nice Cwmbran double for the Paralympics. Earlier in the day we spotted Cwmbran's Kyron Duke who is competing later this week.


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