This was a chance to walk down memory lane and at the same time try out the ‘quick video’ option on WordPress for Android. This failed as no matter what I did the video would not upload.

This post explained that you need to have a self-hosted blog with a plug-in or use VideoPress for $60  a year.

If anyone thinks I’m on the wrong track any advice would be welcome.

So I went for plan b and posted the video on you tube.



These woods are behind Fairhill Methodist Church and surrounded by homes and paths in Kingsland Walk and Windsor Road.

I grew up in these woods playing soldiers, making dens and lighting fires.


Kids don’t play in them as much nowadays, probably just a sad sign of the times. The paths that run through the woods used to be well-trodden and clear.


Today many of them are covered in brambles. But I hope the video shows that there are still quiet, wooded areas to enjoy in Cwmbran without having to walk up Mynydd Maen.


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