three photos of vandalised trees
Three photos showing the damage to Garn Woods Credit: Bron Afon

Walkers have been stopped from using a wooded area in Cwmbran because of vandals.

Bron Afon, a registered social landlord, owns Garw Wood in Croesyceiliog. Staff have taken the unusual step of blocking off access to the area following a spate of vandalism and anti-social behaviour.

They found evidence that the wood has been used as an off-road bike track.

Mark Burchell, Bron Afon’s specialist team leader, trees, said: “The vandalism seems organised, with jumps and obstacles made using various items, including material found in the wood.

“Large holes have been dug, exposing and damaging roots of several mature trees within the woodland. An extensive amount of work has gone into this environmental vandalism. 

fencing blocking a path to a wood
Bron Afon has blocked the entrances to Garw Wood Credit: Bron Afon

“A mature beech tree and an oak tree have also been seriously damaged by the removal of large sections of bark from their main stems and several smaller trees and shrubs have been cut down. 

“It is sad to find the extent of damage caused to this ancient woodland. 

“While we understand the importance of enjoying the woodland, this level of environmental vandalism constitutes criminal damage and will severely affect the long-term health of the damaged trees and the wildlife that rely on them.” 

If you have any information about the vandalism, please contact Gwent Police on 101. 

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