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‘Bins for men’ could appear in toilets in Torfaen

A sanitary bin in a toilet
A sanitary bin (Photo: Cwmbran Life)

BINS similar to those for sanitary products commonly found in women’s lavatories could be placed in men’s toilets across Torfaen.

A call for ‘bins for men’ has been backed by members of Torfaen County Borough Council, with the Labour cabinet member responsible for adult services calling it a “fantastic” idea.

The proposal was put to the council by the independent councillor for Blaenavon, Janet Jones, who said it would help those with conditions such as Crohn’s disease and prostate cancer.

A sanitary bin in a toilet

She told the council’s July meeting: “Those suffering from such illnesses are prone to use incontinence items that they need to dispose of safely and hygienically. Unless they are able to access and use disabled toilets this is not always possible.

“Therefore, as we improve, upgrade or build new public toilet facilities, consideration should be given to placing ‘bins’ in the borough’s gents’ toilets. It would demonstrate that we understand the needs of our male residents and show that we do care about their welfare.”

She said, as well as having read articles on the illnesses in recent weeks, she had conversations that had convinced her the council should be doing more to help those with such conditions.

Cllr David Daniels, cabinet member for adult services, said he wanted to “endorse” the motion and called Cllr Jones a “consistent advocate for the older generation and people with all sorts of living conditions.”

He added: “It’s fantastic and a move we need to make. Ultimately we need to make toilets in general more accessible.”

He said the borough, and the UK needs more “changing places” toilets which have equipment, and are big enough, to help people get on to a toilet or provide the space for a continence pad to be changed with assistance.

The Cwmbran Pontnewydd councillor added: “This is an important motion it may seem like a small thing to some but it makes a massive difference to those who live with these conditions. I will be wholeheartedly endorsing it.”

His fellow Labour ward member Stuart Ashely also said he supported the motion and said the council’s scutiny committee, in 2017, had found the provision of public toilets is needed.

Torfaen council is currently planning to provide six new toilets as part of the redevelopment of the Glantorvaen multi-storey car park in Pontypool and two public toilets will also be provided at the current Hanbury Road toilets, at the Italian Gardens in Pontypool Park, when it is converted to a restaurant.

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‘Bins for men’ could appear in toilets in Torfaen