A few weeks ago Cardiff was the place to be with a camera. The city’s annual Photomarathon took place on Saturday 16 June. The challenge is taking 12 photos, over 12 hours on 12 given topics.

It got me thinking about a challenge for this blog. At the moment I quickly post stories after I see or hear something that sort of fits with ‘the characters and places in this great town’. They are always random and range from the odd audioboo interview, to a you tube clip to some photos in a pub.

So how can I take part in my own personal blogathon? I could…

  1. Ask people reading Cwmbran Life to suggest 12 topics?
  2. Use the 12 topics from the Cardiff Photomarathon?

No 1 is hard as I may hit tumbleweed with no suggestions.  But with no 2 will I spend too much time thinking about the possible posts I could do in Cwmbran on Saturday? 

So. This is the plan. I’m going for number 2 and will look at the 12 topics used in Cardiff. Click here to see what they are in an entrant’s Flickr photostream. But of course I don’t have an entry number so need another suggestion.

Do you have one to make up the 12th place? I will be happy to get one reply, if I get more they will be swapped for ones on the Photomarathon list.

Other rules- I will only use photos  to support a written blog, audioboo or video. I must not know the person I feature in each post.

Here is one of my favourites from the blog. Ronnie in the Fairwater House pub. I got chatting to him and found out he still rode horses at the age of 69. Click here to hear the audioboo. There are loads of people like Ronnie in Cwmbran and on Saturday I hope to find more of them.

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