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‘Borrow a person’ from Cwmbran Library

Library members will get the chance to borrow a person instead of a book, as part of the first-ever People’s Library event later this month.

Visitors will have the opportunity to have a 20-minute conversation with a diverse range of “human books” about their experiences of issues such as homelessness, living with chronic pain and racism. The aim of the event is to provide a space for meaningful dialogue, challenging stereotypes, and fostering understanding among individuals from different walks of life. One of those taking part is Dori Thomas, who will be sharing her journey of recovery and growth following bereavement.

“I am pleased to take the part of an “Open Book” in Cwmbran Library’s People’s Library event, and I hope it gives opportunities for conversations about topics that people often shy away from.” With more to be confirmed, here are some of the ‘human books’ that will be sharing their stories on the day:

  • Jules – Flying Without Wings, a recovery from cancer and a life-changing injury.
  • Rafi – Journey from Baghdad to Blaina, covering Rafi’s life as a refugee and how he ended up settled in Wales.
  • Sharon – Life after addiction
  • Hazel – Body Dysmorphia

The pioneering initiative is free and takes place at Cwmbran Library on Saturday, 28 October, from 9.30am to 12.30pm. Councillor Peter Jones, Torfaen Council’s Executive Member for Corporate Governance and Performance, said: “This event embodies the essence of our libraries as a place for learning, compassion, and understanding. We believe in the power of personal stories to break down barriers, challenge prejudices, and create a more inclusive community. The ‘People’s Library’ event is a testament to our commitment to providing enriching experiences that go beyond traditional book lending.”

To find out more or to book a conversation slot for the day, contact Cwmbran Library on 01633 647676

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‘Borrow a person’ from Cwmbran Library

Cwmbran Library
Cwmbran Library Credit: Cwmbran Life