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VIDEO: Cwmbran haulage firm wins ‘best employer’ award

Bridgetime Transport has been named winner of the Best Employer category at the 2018 Best Business Awards.

The Cwmbran business employs over 90 people from its base in Two Locks.

WATCH Alex talk about working for the business. CLICK PLAY

The chairman of the judges said: “The fact that the nomination for this award came from staff speaks volumes and shows that they really appreciate Bridgetime Transport’s considerate policies. Despite growing from a handful of people in 2002 to 90 today, Bridgetime has retained its family values and treats staff like one big family.

“The company aims to take on people and apprentices from the local community in Cwmbran, Wales and those who lack work experience are also given a chance to prove themselves. As well as being a great employer, Bridgetime also supports local activities and charities. Bridgetime Transport is not only the largest employer in the vicinity, officially it’s the best employer.”

“The Best Business Awards are one of the UK’s highest profile awards and winning this accolade speaks volumes about the quality of your organisation. Due to its high profile, the Awards attract a wide range of entries from across all sectors from large international PLCs and public sector organisations to dynamic and innovative SMEs.”

The Best Business Awards trophy for Best Employer
The award is on display in the office of Bridgetime Transport

Alex Smith, Bridgetime Transport’s compliance manager, entered the awards. She said: “The company has seen a steady growth over the past 16 years, to one of Torfaen’s largest employers, now with over 90 people on the payroll, making it an SME to be reckoned with. The key thing here is that somehow, Robbie, Emma Jane and Dave have still managed to maintain the core values associated with a family business, where you are treated as ‘part of a family’ and trusted to carry out your role.

“Firstly Robbie Evans makes it his business to interview every candidate personally so that he knows the name of every single person employed, a little about their family background and enough about them to pass the time of day with every single person, including the cleaner.

“If a young person, living locally, takes the initiative to go to the website, find Robbie’s email address and contact him directly asking for work, he will find them work, even if it is washing trucks. He understands he is in a fortunate position to offer work to someone who may not otherwise be able to secure employment due to lack of experience, such as a driver who has just passed his test. If you have the right attitude, Bridgetime will give you a chance.”

Note- I’m related to the owner of Bridgetime Transport.

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VIDEO: Cwmbran haulage firm wins ‘best employer’ award

Staff at Bridgetime Transport

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