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Burglar wrecks superhero tribute to the NHS in Cwmbran

A row of garages

A Cwmbran garage door featuring a mural of an NHS worker with a superhero shield has been replaced after a burglar damaged it during a break-in.

Lyndon Reynolds painstakingly painted his garage door in April 2020 as a tribute to NHS staff during the pandemic. It became an attraction and featured on television and in newspapers.

But on Friday 13 August 2021 a burglar broke into the garage and stole his white hybrid specialised bike. The damage could not be repaired and now the door has been taken off and replaced with a new one.

A row of garages
The NHS superhero mural is gone and has been replaced with a brown door

Sheenagh, Lyndon’s wife said: “It’s only a battered old garage door but was lovely to see people enjoying the artwork and quite exciting when it was shown on a few different TV shows and the local press. He used bolt cutters to cut through the locks and then used a crowbar to gain access leaving the door damaged beyond repair and the door frame buckled. The company that replaced the garage, took the old door as we had nowhere to store it.”

The artwork was inspired by the family’s love of NHS staff. Lyndon’s father passed away in December 2019 after spending eight weeks ventilated at the intensive care unit in Nevill Hall.  Hospital. Then 12 days later Sheenagh lost her mum following a stroke and received care in the Royal Gwent. During that time Sheenagh was recovering from breast cancer surgery. Their daughter Alys Claire works for the NHS.

Do you have any information about the theft?

If you know anything about the theft call the police on 101 quoting crime ref no: 2100 284288 13/09



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Burglar wrecks superhero tribute to the NHS in Cwmbran