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Check out the latest exhibitions at Llantarnam Grange

A series of new exhibitions have opened at Llantarnam Grange in Cwmbran.

Visitors can enjoy viewing new artwork in four areas until 4 November 2023.

A spokesperson for Llantarnam Grange said: “It includes our annual graduate exhibition Portal, a group exhibition of precious jewellery Modern Alchemy, an exhibition of work by young people from Criw Celf (part of our learning programme), and a series of landscape paintings by Edward Woolley in our café.”

Portal 2023 in Gallery 1

This programme says: “Portal is our annual group exhibition of graduate artists and makers that aims to demystify working in the arts. Through a constellation of practices that range from ceramics, textiles, metal work, photography, and installation, Portal 2023 showcases a collection of 15 of this year’s graduates.

“With work that considers craftsmanship, body positivity, Welsh language, and activism, this exhibition hopes to capture the collective spirit and ideas coming out of art schools this year.”

Modern Alchemy in Gallery 2

The programme says: “Modern Alchemy is a group exhibition of precious jewellery that was curated in collaboration with Find a Maker. With each jeweller building on, and pushing the boundaries of traditional techniques, the work on display is a melting pot of styles and inspiration, with beautiful pieces that allow the jewellers to communicate with us through the language of metal.

“Featuring jewellery from Ayshe Brandts, Barbora Rybarova, Cathy Newell Price, Daphne Kirnos, Gerlinde Huth, Kiya Corrales, Lauren Bell Brown, Lyndsay Fairley and Rebecca Burt.”

Criw Celf in the Foyer

The programme says: “Each year we work with young people in school years 5 -13 through our Criw Celf programme. Funded by the Arts Council of Wales, this provides children and young people with the opportunity to develop their artistic skills outside of the school environment and alongside professional artists.

“To celebrate the achievements and work of this year’s participants, we are showing a collection of their work in an exhibition in our foyer.”

Edward Woolley in the Café

The programme says: “An exhibition of landscape painting by artist Edward Woolley. Inspired by his frequent walks in the hills and valleys and along the Gwent levels, with views across the Severn Estuary, Edward strives to use oil paints to capture the tranquillity and turbulence of the skies and their colourful landscapes.”

Where is Llantarnam Grange in Cwmbran?

St David’s Rd, Cwmbran NP44 1PD

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Check out the latest exhibitions at Llantarnam Grange

Llantarnam Grange in Cwmbran
Llantarnam Grange in Cwmbran (Photo: Cwmbran Life)