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Community councillors praise ‘outstanding report’ on village youth club

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Henllys Community Councillors have praised an ‘outstanding report’ into the weekly youth club in the village hall.

Torfean Play run a play and youth club every Tuesday from 4pm to 5.30pm and the community council pays £4,700 for it to be provided. Councillors at December’s were given an update on the club’s progress.

The club is for five to 12-year-olds  but there is a “large emphasis on eight to 12-year-olds”. Young people enjoy activities including arts and crafts, lego, board games and group games inside the room. But if the weather is good, they go outside and use Henllys Park. The club’s playworkers and volunteers are “trained in supporting children who may need 1:1 support and being an inclusive service is something that we take great pride in”.

The report said: “Playworkers have weekly discussions with the children on what they would like to do in the upcoming weeks. There is also a suggestion box in place for the children to request any new games, activities or put forward any ideas they may have.”

Over 110 children and young people are registered with an average of 25 attending each week.

The report included quotes from some of the club’s members:

  • LB aged 10: “I enjoy the free snack and talking to the staff as they listen.” 

  • DF aged 7: “I love coming to club, I enjoy seeing my friends playing games especially colouring.” 

  • LC aged 7: “I enjoy playing group games, I love playing among us.” 

  • SG aged 8: “I like going to the park and doing crafting.”

  • GV aged 9: “Club is fun, but I really like arts and crafts.” 

  • CW aged 8: “I like beating my friends at the speed cup challenge.” 

  • KG aged 9: “I enjoy club because I can play, and I like going over the park.” 

  • ID aged 7: “Playing and meeting new friends from schools that aren’t mine.” 

  • OD aged 8: “I have fun because we do bingo, go the park and play games.”

The report also included some quotes from the parents/ carers of the club’s members:

  • “Kids love it! Parents and Kids look forward to coming each week, the staff are fabulous and so friendly”

  • “My kids love it here! The staff are fantastic”

  • “This is a great provision! My daughter is home schooled but thanks to this club has the opportunity to make new friends and play with different children which she doesn’t do during the day times!”

Cllr Valerie Waters, chair of Henllys Community Council, said it was an “outstanding report”.

Cllr Jonathan Lewis said:  “I didn’t appreciate how much benefit was coming from it. You really feel the council is doing something positive when you see reports like that.”

Following the meeting Julian Davenne, play service manager, told Cwmbran Life: “We were approached several years ago by Henllys Community Council to run an activity camp in the Henllys community which has been a great success offering children a safe place to play. We’ve forged a dynamic partnership, orchestrating a highly successful weekly activity club in the heart of Henllys.

“This impactful initiative not only provides children with a safe place to play but is spearheaded by a dedicated young leader, a proud community member still rooted in the place they call home.”

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Community councillors praise ‘outstanding report’ on village youth club