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CrossFit gym plan for former ambulance station in Cwmbran refused

an empty industrial unit
The former ambulance station only has two parking spaces (Photo: Cwmbran Life)

A planning application to turn a former ambulance station in Cwmbran into a CrossFit gym has been refused.

The applicant wanted to change the use of Unit 43 Court Road Industrial Estate from a commercial unit to a leisure facility. CrossFit is a fitness class that combines strength, cardio and gymnastics in high-intensity sessions.

Fifty-nine comments were received in support of the application and there were three objections. The objections included concerns about noise, an increase in traffic, and worries about parking.

The council’s highways department said it opposed the proposal as the unit only has two parking spaces (with six shared spaces nearby) and it estimated this gym would need 29 parking spaces. The report said: “This is not feasible at this location, therefore Highways have no alternative but to object to the proposals.”

Planners said a gym would be unsuitable in this location as it would encourage the use of private motor vehicles. Another reason for refusal was the loss of an “industrial/ employment” unit for a business more suited in an “established town, district or local centre” location.

Local ward councillor Jason O’Connell fully supported the application and commented: “I am aware of this application, and would like to offer my full support for it. Our ward and our Borough would benefit massively from its introduction, and we are grateful to have been selected as the area for it. The introduction of this type of facility is in line with Torfaen’s strategic goals of raising the health of the local population. It is welcome inward investment that sees future employment and supports our local entrepreneurs realise their ambition of running their own business.

“Furthermore, as a veteran-owned entity we would be assisting in providing employment for ex-military service people and contributing towards the Military Charter that I know this Council is proud of supporting.

“I note that there is a considerable delay in reviewing this application to determine is suitability and there are imperatives to a quick resolution of this application. If I could ask that this be sped up as much as possible in order to facilitate progression of this fantastic business, it would greatly be appreciated by me (who is needs to go to a gym more often) and by our local community who would benefit from having such a facility on our doorstep.”

The application was made by Nicholas Bouwer.






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CrossFit gym plan for former ambulance station in Cwmbran refused