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Cwmbran Community Council buying 1,000 fleece blankets for vulnerable residents

Councillors for Cwmbran Community Council agreed to buy 1,000 fleece blankets to help vulnerable residents to keep warm this winter.

Members of the environment, sustainability & planning committee met last Wednesday and chose a supplier. The Cwmbran-based company they are using will supply the blankets and also include several free items: a branded bag, a pair of thermal socks, and an information pack with energy-saving tips.

The 1,000 blankets will cost £7,962 plus VAT. To comply with local government legislation over spending limits and providing benefits to individuals the council will work in partnership with local groups to distribute the blankets.

Councillor Chris Morgan, Lowlands & Avondale Ward said: “I’d be in favour of a number of organisations doing it” (distributing the blankets). He had spoken to some county councillors who suggested some organisations “that have the expertise, knowing the people who have the greatest need. We need to get this moving as soon as we can, prices are going up now and people are panicking.”

Cllr Kebba Manneh, St Dials Ward, said they could go into partnership with Cwmbran Centre for Young People (CCYP) as it’s a “credible” organisation that the community council already supports.

Cllr Bird said that CCYP have a food bank and the blankets could be distributed from there in a partnership.

Cllr Morgan said: “How would they get it to older people? And what about financial inclusion? A lot of people who are on double incomes are struggling. He added: “I think limiting ourselves to one distribution point means we are not going to get these out to the people who need it.”

Councillors discussed various groups that could give the blankets out to vulnerable residents and agreed to look at partnerships with CCYP, Food Share Hub, Citizens Advice, Torfaen Council’s Financial Inclusion Team and Age Connect.

Warm spaces

Cllr Morgan asked if council funds could be used to support community facilities open up as ‘warm spaces’. These are buildings where the heating could be turned on for residents to visit during the colder months. ‘Warm spaces’ will be an item at the committee’s next meeting with some research done before then.

Winter Warm scheme survey

Cllr Manneh said that the council would carry out a survey in their wards “as soon as possible so our residents can tell us what their priorities are.” Cllr Rhiannon Bennett, Coed Eva Ward, was asked to lead the consultation exercise

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Cwmbran Community Council buying 1,000 fleece blankets for vulnerable residents

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