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Cwmbran couple appear on BBC1’s Alan Carr’s Picture Slam game show

mike and jody rippon on alan carr's tv show
Jody and Mike Rippon on Alan Carr's Picture Slam (Photo: BBC)

A Cwmbran couple appeared on last night’s BBC1’s Alan Carr’s Picture Slam game show.

Jody and Mike Rippon didn’t tell anyone that they had been chosen to go on television and compete for a £10,000 cash prize. The pair went up to Glasgow in March 2023 but kept it a secret until the show went out at 6pm yesterday.  They invited friends and family over last night to see their reaction as they appeared on screen.

The game show sees three pairs of contestants identify photos that could “throw up anything from nostalgic food to famous faces. It’s an addictive quiz for the whole family – you’ll find it hard not to play along from home as well”.

Mike told Cwmbran Life: “It was such a fantastic experience being on the show and seeing what goes on behind the scenes. Alan Carr, the production team and the other contestants were all lovely. We had a right laugh and were treated like celebrities. We were chauffeur driven to the airport, put up in a hotel and had a good night out in Glasgow the night before the show.

“From our own private dressing room and a make-up team to being in front of the cameras on set and playing the quiz, it was just good fun. We hadn’t told anyone that we’d been on the show. Instead we just had some family and friends over for a few drinks so when we came on the telly their reactions were priceless. Who knows, perhaps we’ll move through the BBC Saturday night schedule and be on Strickly next…. I reckon we’d smash that!”

Watch Mike and Jody on Alan Carr’s Picture Slam

Cwmbran Life doesn’t like to do spoilers. So make sure you watch episode seven of series one on BBC iPlayer to see how the Rippons got on.

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Cwmbran couple appear on BBC1’s Alan Carr’s Picture Slam game show