Members of the Lower Eastern Valley Darts League in their football shirts
Members of the Lower Eastern Valley Darts League in their football shirts Credit: Tomos Evan

Members of a darts league in Cwmban raised £350 for charity and dedicated the fundraising event to the memory of a former player.

The Lower Eastern Valley Darts League (LEVDL) held its end-of-season team cup at Cwmbran Working Men’s Club. Players wore football shirts and donated £1 to Cancer Research UK’s Bobby Moore Fund.

Tomos Evans, the chairman of LEVDL said: “We dedicated the evening to the memory of Tony Davies. He was such a great man and a brilliant friend to everyone, who is hugely missed by all.

“At the end of the darts league season, we go into competitions. One competition is the team cup, where all the teams in the league feature. 

“The team cup fixture happened to coincide with a Cancer Research UK campaign known as Football Shirt Friday. We have always wanted to do something for a good cause, so we thought, there’s no better cause than cancer research. 

“This is especially true for us as a player who passed due to cancer (exactly one year to the day of the team cup), Mr Tony Davies, who was a huge figure in rugby for Cwmbran RFC and darts with that club too. 

“The committee told the members of LEVDL if they wanted to get involved in the CRUK fundraiser, to wear a football shirt and pay a donation of £1. We also took ‘football scratch card’ donations, random other donations from watchers-on and players.

“Cwmbran Working Men’s Club also donated. The total came to £350, which was £250 more than I’d originally targeted. 

“It was overwhelming and showed the power of community. Cancer is something that affects so many of us, and so many loved ones lost as a result of it. We’re happy we could do something to help.”

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