This blog was set up just over two weeks ago on Wednesday 24 August. One of the main reasons I set it up was to learn more about the web. Technology is advancing so fast that  I think I’m five years behind everyone else. Blogging seems a bit old fashioned but probably still is a pretty good place to learn some basics in your own time. I’ve enjoyed mixing up other social media such as you tube and audioboo into the blog.

There are many blogging platforms around but I chose WordPress as it seems to have a nice balance of basic publishing with the opportunity to step in to the more complicated areas (HTML?) when you are ready.

The statistics section of WordPress is pretty comprehensive so here are some figures.

In total Cwmbran Life has had 1,449 hits. I do not know yet how you find out ‘unique’ visitors. In fact to be honest I’m not totally sure what a ‘unique’ visitor is!

The highest hit day was Thursday 25 August with 158. The lowest hit day was the day it was set with 19.

It has been good fun and I’ve enjoyed meeting some interesting people. The audioboo app is excellent and I’ve found that people relax quickly as it is just talking into a mobile phone.

This is one interesting story about ‘trying to hard’ to get hits to your blog. Yesterday, I sent the link for this charity dinner to both Scott Quinnell and Will Carling who both shared it with their Twitter followers in the early evening. Scott has 14,349 followers and Will has 63,000. This led to a pretty unspectacular total Cwmbran Life views for the day of 106. I think that is lesson to those people who message TV and sport stars asking for a RT of their charity fundraising page. I think it is unlikely that their random followers would react as those RTs are often endless in their stream. I will never do that again.



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