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Cwmbran man competes for Wales in four sports at the British Transplant Games

a mens football team
Kyle (back row, far right) with the Welsh team for the British Transplant Games

A Cwmbran is competing for Wales in the British Transplant Games taking place in Leeds this week (28-31 July 22).

Kyle Foster, 33, had a transplant in December 2011. He competed for Wales in the 2019 games but Covid-19 caused the games to be cancelled for the last two years. This year he was invited to take part in archery, football, ball throw, and shot put. Tomorrow (Sunday) he may get called up for the relay team.

He said: “My father gave me one of his kidneys. Since the transplant, I have done so many amazing things traveling around South Asia and spending a few years in Thailand where I met my wife and now have two beautiful sons, aged ten months and six.”

a mum, dad and two children
Kyle with his wife and children who are supporting him in Leeds

On Thursday he won bronze in archery. He said: “It was the first time I’ve ever picked up a bow. We had football today, we didn’t do the best. but it’s all fun.

“It makes me proud, it’s nice to put on on the jersey. It makes it great that I can do it again.

“It all started with the games being held in Newport in 2019. It was the first time I had heard of them even though they have been going for 50 years.  This time they invited me through the hub where I get my bloods done every few months.

three people by a athletics podium
Kyle with his bronze medal for archery

“After the games in 2019 we had a good football team. We achieved silver in the games and were pushing to get the team better and were training regularly. When Covid came we all had to shield. I was still training doing CrossFit at home till I broke my leg.

“I then put on around four stone. I got asked if I would like to take part in the games again this year in mid-May so I had to get myself into gear and shift some weight and get fitter. Lucky enough I started changing my lifestyle a few weeks before and had a nutrition plan to follow. I’ve nearly lost that four stone and feeling a lot fitter.

“I can’t thank Keto-Pro from Neath enough. They have helped me get into a good rhythm and are still helping me now and supporting me during the games and after. We have a long-term goal and I’m already looking forward to the next games and doing better. I want to try and make it into the GB Transplant Team next year.”

He was also selected to be one of the flag bearers in the 2022 opening ceremony.

Support Kyle’s chosen charity

Kyle is raising money for the Popham Support Fund, a charity that helps people with kidney problems. Click here to support his fundraising efforts for the charity.

group of people hold flag
Kyle was a flag bearer for the British Transplant Games




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Cwmbran man competes for Wales in four sports at the British Transplant Games