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Cwmbran mum plans protest at civic centre before Greenmeadow Community Farm decision

A Cwmbran mum is encouraging people to go to Pontypool’s civic centre tomorrow morning to protest against the possible closure of Greenmeadow Community Farm.

Torfaen’s 40 county councillors are being asked to either approve extra investment for the attraction on top of the £1.7m agreed last year, or close it down.

a mum and dad with their seven children have a photo
Abigail and her husband Jason with their children (Photo: Craig Smith)

Abigail Davey, from Thornhill, said: “I was very shocked and upset to hear that closure could be an option. They made all these promises that it would reopen in spring this year. Then they said it would partially reopen. It’s just left a big hole in our lives. We have a family pass and normally go there all the time.”

She said she has seven children aged from one to nine, and loved to take them all to the weekly baby and toddler sessions every Tuesday at the farm.

Abigail added: “It’s a precious part of our lives. I don’t drive so we can walk. We would go there just after school. It’s where we’ve had all our happy times. It’s so important for us as a community. All those events, Father Christmas, all those traditions. I think it’s just so needed. I just want to show the councillors how important the farm is to our community and how much we love the farm. It could be powerful for them to see this. I’ve got a small group coming from my children’s school and my children will be there.” She has invited anyone else to join her and bring banners.

The council meeting starts at 10am on Tuesday 19 September 2023.

a child stood by a goat
(Photo: Abigail Davey)



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Cwmbran mum plans protest at civic centre before Greenmeadow Community Farm decision

a collage of pics of children playing at a farm
Abigail's children love Greenmeadow Community Farm (Photo: Abigail Davey)