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Cwmbran mum’s litter pick walks with her toddler

Bethan and her son Otto
The pair collected a full bag of rubbish on their walk

A few things over the years have made me do a double-take when out and about in Cwmbran. Today was one of those moments when I visited Oakfields Garden to do a Facebook Live video video to show off the beautiful blossom.

As soon as I clicked ‘Go Live’ I spotted a child and parent in the distance so started to make sure I didn’t include them in the shot. The pair got closer and it was a young boy toddling along with mum pushing the pram.

Her right arm was keeping control of the pushchair while her left arm was carrying a large bag of rubbish. And all this was being done while her toddler was enjoying a bit of freedom walking through the blossom on the ground.

I said hello and asked her the obvious question. Why are your hands full with a two-year-old, a pushchair, a litter picker and a bag of rubbish?

Bethan Oliver is a volunteer with Llantarnam Residents Conservation Society (LLARCS). Today she left her home and walked along Oakfield Road and across the Celtic Park football fields before arriving at the Stadium for her son’s gymnastics class.

Bethan and Otto picked up litter as they walked popping it in the bag. When they got to the Stadium the bag was left outside while he joined his class. After gymnastics, Bethan grabbed the bag and they continued picking up litter on their way home.

She told me the rubbish bag will be left on the side of the main road and a photo sent to Torfaen Council for collection. Today wasn’t a one-off for them, they are regularly out in the community making it look nicer for everyone.

People like Bethan and Otto make Cwmbran a fantastic place. Be like them and if there is a problem in your area think about what you and your neigbhours can do to make it a nicer place to live.

If you fancy a bit of fresh air while making new friends you could volunteer with Llarcs.


Give the group’s Facebook page a like to keep an eye on their upcoming events.

They also use Twitter so give them a follow at @LlarcsTorfaen





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Cwmbran mum’s litter pick walks with her toddler

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