Nicola's text to Chloe
Nicola’s text to Chloe

When Chloe Wall’s phone beeped with a joke text  from her mum the message  made her laugh so much she shared it with her friends on Facebook. That was Thursday evening. On Friday morning she woke up and was stunned to see it had 12,000  likes. The screen grab of the text that is packed with symbols has now had 27,113 likes, 305 shares and 266 comments.

Chloe, aged 13 and from Thornhill, said: “I’m so shocked. I looked at Facebook on my phone and thought it was broke because of all the likes so I looked on my laptop.”

Her mum, Nicola,  said: “I can’t believe it to be honest. It is a terrible text. It is so embarrassing  27,000 likes! That is amazing. She said to me ‘you had better check Facebook’ and I said ‘what have you done?'”

If you don’t understand text symbol speak here is the translation:

Goodnight chick.  Don’t stay on your phone all night, and turn your light off. There is no ghost. I’m going for a poo now hope I don’t get a sore ring. I’ve eaten too much melon. xx

Chloe and her mum Nicola
Chloe and her mum Nicola

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