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Cwmbran play centre launches sensory sessions for adults

a woman and her three children smile for a photo
Jemma with her three children, Keaton, Miley and Elsie J, outside Treats N Play in Cwmbran town centre (Photo: Cwmbran Life)

A Cwmbran play centre has started sessions in its sensory room for adults with special educational needs and disabilities to enjoy with their carers.

Treats N Play was opened in August 2022 by Jemma Cantelo.

Jemma said: “After lots of requests Treats N Play are delighted to now offer sensory sessions for adults. Engaging in sensory activities can Improve self-regulation skills, essential for managing emotions and behaviour. It can reduce anxiety by giving a sense of control and distraction from stressful thoughts and emotions, allowing each individual to relax and unwind. We’re offering sessions for adults with carers to come in and enjoy our sensory room.”

A poster for the room says: “Enjoy one hour in our wonderful multi-sensory room with outer space theme, giant bubbles, lamps, fibre optic lights, calming music and more.”

The sessions take place every Tuesday. A one-hour session in the sensory room can be booked on Treats N Play website or call 07534 639819 for more information. Carers are free.

a poster adults booking a slot in a children's play centre sensory room
The adult SEND sessions are every Tuesday and must be booked in advance.
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Cwmbran play centre launches sensory sessions for adults