Drinkers at a Cwmbran pub are celebrating tonight after winning an internet quiz.

The Bush in Upper Cwmbran beat five other pubs in an online quiz.

The big screen that is usually pulled down to show Wales rugby games was linked up to the internet.

One of the Bush regulars was in charge of the laptop and mouse. The 25 or so drinkers in the bar then shouted out the answers as the questions appeared.

The quiz was against the clock with five minute sessions on the usual pub quiz topics like science and general knowledge. Then there was a five minute break before the pubs did battle again.

The Bush beat The Three Daws in Gravesend. One Bush team member called the Daws during each break for a friendly bit of banter.

Once the internet fun was over the regulars enjoyed their usual weekly ‘pen and paper’.

My contribution to the internet win was answering ‘What Spice Girl came from Leeds?’ (Mel B of course).




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