four school pupils hold an award next to two teachers
Pupils hold their award with Matthew Sims (l) and Kath Ayling (r) Credit: Torfaen Council

Pupils and staff at Cwmbran High School have been given a double award for their community work.  

They’ve been given a bronze and silver award by the Foundation of Community Engagement, a charity that helps schools build partnerships with parents, families and the local community. 

Their community engagement work has included volunteering, drama and music performances and support for young carers and their families.

Kath Ayling, Cwmbran High School’s family liaison officer, said: “We are over the moon to get the awards. This is really important for us as we really believe Cwmbran High School encompasses everything the awards stand for.

“There is an old saying that it takes a village to raise a child and I believe that wholeheartedly. These awards are thanks to our fantastic pupils, our staff for encouraging and supporting them, and to our community for supporting us.” 

Headteacher Matthew Sims said: “We want to connect with as much of our wider community as we can. This isn’t just our school, this is a valuable asset for the whole community.

“Encouraging pupils to be part of, and serve their local community, not only supports those around us, but it also helps them develop a wider range of skills and experiences.” 

Charity founder Sue Davies said: “This is a wonderful school that values community engagement. We are holding the first-ever community engagement youth conference in Swansea next month and I’m very pleased to say pupils from Cwmbran High School will be among those taking part.”

The award was presented at event in the school that included performances from the school’s drama and music students, as well as the Cwmbran Deaf Choir, based at the school.

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