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Kirsty Robathan-Smith (far right) with three competitors on a podium Credit: Kirsty Robathan-Smith

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A Cwmbran woman came third in Wales’ Strongest Woman competition 2024.

Kirsty Robathan-Smith, 34, entered the under 64kg weight category. During a gruelling day at Trago Mills in Merthyr last Saturday she took part in five heats.

She won the Vulcana Athlete Performance of the Day and came top in the ‘Perilous Press’ heat with 55kg.

Credit: Kirsty Robathan-Smith

She told Cwmbran Life she was “generally feeling good” after the competition and was already back in the gym.

“I’m back in training. I have a weightlifting competition at the end of April in Lydney so onto the next one, which is exciting.

“I felt worked after but able to get to the gym. I had a good day on Sunday of chilling with an Easter meal, eggs, chocolate and all the good stuff which was amazing. I went to do an ice bath on Monday night which was great, at a place called the Wellness Lounge in Cardiff Bay.”

Kirsty thanked the organisers, volunteers, promoters, and sponsors for a “great event” and for “looking after us athletes.”

In an interview with Cwmbran Life week, Kirsty told how she wants to inspire others to lift weights and get strong.

Credit: Kirsty Robathan-Smith

You can follow her on Instagram at @getrobofit

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