(l to r) Dave Daniels, Sue Morgan and Stuart Ashley
(l to r) Dave Daniels, Sue Morgan and Stuart Ashley

Dave, Stuart and Sue were asked to answer this question- You should vote for us in the Pontnewydd election because– and this is their answer.

We are Dave Daniels, Stuart Ashley and Sue Morgan, Labour’s candidates in the Pontnewydd ward.

Dave Daniels

Hi there, I’m David. I’m standing for re-election because I am driven by the desire to help people. When I see someone in need of help, my instinct is to get stuck in. In this respect, being a councillor has been one of the best (but occasionally frustrating) things I’ve ever done. Over the past 5 years, I’ve had the privilege of representing the area I grew up in, where my family and friends live, and where my daughter now calls home. I want Pontnewydd to be the best it can be for my family and yours. We will do this not through negativity and pessimism, but through positivity and working together as a community.

Pontnewydd will be my priority, but my passions also include mental health, improving social care for all, and providing better access to genuinely affordable housing. All these issues are crucial right now, and – with no time to waste – my Labour colleagues and I will get stuck in from day one.

Stuart Ashley

Hi. I’m Stuart. I would like the opportunity to serve as a Pontnewydd councillor again. The last few years have not been easy for any of us, with Covid 19 and the effects of austerity before but I feel I still have a lot to give. The support and provision for carers in Torfaen is a big concern. I am a family carer myself, both for elderly and disabled relatives. I am active on the Cwmbran Community Council and local charities and local groups.

I have always championed the global climate change emergency, our beautiful canal, green spaces and tree planting. We have worked hard these past five years, getting results by replacing the Northville Underpass with a pelican crossing: replacing or providing litter bins throughout the ward: instigating £50,000 of drop kerbs and starting work on a series of pelican crossings on the line of the canal.

Over the past ten years of being a councillor, I’ve taken calls about anything and everything; from bees’ nests in trees, hedges, trees to leaky roofs of course potholes, housing, care, policing and much more – we will work with you to find solutions where possible. I have always been there for regular contact and a listening ear.

Sue Morgan

Hi. I’m Sue. I am standing for election because I think I will be able to help. I am new to local campaigning because I worked for the Auditor General for Wales which meant I couldn’t be involved until I retired. Knowing about public money and how to spend it properly and wisely should be very useful as a councillor. I hate waste – even more so when people are struggling with the Tory cost of living crisis and struggling to keep fed and warm. I have lived in Pontnewydd for 27 years and my grandchildren are now playing where my children played.

I’ve been a town councillor for a short while now. And, I helped out as a home carer during the pandemic. My amazing colleagues and brave clients made me passionate about improving care and support for carers and families. My other passion is helping children and young people. I have been involved as a volunteer with children’s charities at home and overseas for decades and chair a young people’s counselling charity. I want to see our children get the best opportunities and our young people helped to be a real asset to their community.

We are a strong team who want to bring our community together in positive ways and help local people deal with the impact of the pandemic and the cost-of-living crisis.

We think you should vote for us because:

We work hard and really try to listen to the people we want to represent. We have broad shoulders and understand and share people’s frustrations. With a special concern for children and the vulnerable we know that everyone wants to feel safe and happy in this community and we want that too.

So, please use your THREE votes for Labour candidates, Dave Daniels, Stuart Ashley and Sue Morgan, in Pontnewydd on May 5th, 2022.

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