dog and woman on pen y fan
Credit: RSPCA

An adventurous little dog scaled the highest peak in South Wales to raise money for the rescue centre that’s been taking care of him for the last three years.

Five-year-old terrier Yoko was taken in by the RSPCA in February 2021 and has been patiently waiting for a forever home ever since.

The team at the RSPCA’s Cotswolds Dogs & Cats Home, Gloucestershire, have been caring for the little dog since he arrived.

To mark his three-year milestone in kennels, and to give him an exciting adventure to embark on, they decided to aim for South Wales’s highest peak, Pen Y Fan. 

Animal care assistant – and Yoko’s best friend – Natasha Williams said: “Yoko is so adventurous and loves getting out and about to explore new places so we knew he’d love the challenge. It was so lovely to give him a break from the kennel environment and we hoped that we’d be able to raise his profile too; and hopefully find him a new home.”

Natasha, Yoko and animal operations lead Ebony Poole took on the climb with Natasha’s dog, Buddy. It took them 2 hours and 40 minutes to climb the snowy 886m (2,906ft) peak on 4 March and then return to the starting point.

Natasha added: “Yoko really enjoyed the climb, he was full of energy! He enjoyed all the new smells, and was very excited when we hit the snow and he started sniffing down lots of holes. Both Yoko and Buddy got the zoomies and were chasing around after each other.

“When we got to the top, Yoko’s ears were flapping all over the place where it was so windy, he was sniffing the air and taking it all in, it was lovely to see him out and enjoying nature.”

Yoko wore his ‘adopt me’ lead for the climb and the team had hoped someone might see him and enquire about him but, sadly, no one showed any interest. He is still waiting for his perfect match.

A spokesperson for the RSPCA said: “Yoko is a sweet and cheeky little dog with a big personality. He loves to be outside and can be found either digging holes or sticking his head down them! 

“He has a strong chase instinct so adopters will need to ensure he, and other animals, are kept safe. He is very clever so would thrive doing agility in his new home. He is also very energetic so will need owners who can keep him physically and mentally entertained.

“Yoko is looking for an adult-only home without other pets he could chase; but he enjoys walking and playing with other dogs when out on walks.”

The fundraising challenge has, so far, raised almost £1,600 – and the team is still collecting donations.

 Find out more about Yoko from his online profile or contact Cotswolds Dogs & Cats Home on

Donate to Yoko’s big climb on the online fundraising page.