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This Cwmbran family were thrilled to see the Olympic Torch driven through the town yesterday. While crowds packed the streets of Blaenavon and Pontypool, Cwmbran residents missed out by the town not being included on the Torch bearers route.

The Pitt family from Llantarnam made sure the Torch didn’t go through the town quietly.

Nicola, John and Harry waited by the Llanyrafon roundabout on the Cwmbran by-pass to wave and cheer at the bus carrying the Torch from Pontypool to Newport.

The Pitts had been to Blaenavon in the morning and hoped to be picked up on the bus camera being broadcast live on the BBC website. But a poor 3G signal meant their family watching in Majorca didn’t see them.

Let’s hope ‘Fuzzy’ and ‘Ploppy’ spotted them as the bus passed through Cwmbran. If not this You Tube video should make them smile.


Nicola said:

“My parents who live in Majorca, since 2001, have been following the torch relay through Wales via bbc’s webcam.  Unfortunately, there was no signal in Blaenavon so they missed us.  We then drove to the Burtons roundabout where the torch convoy was due to pass on the Pontypool to Newport leg of the journey! Here we saw the torch again and my parents successfully saw us on the webcam in Majorca.  😀

A fab day out, great atmosphere, shame it didn’t come to Cwmbran though.  However, many people from Cwmbran made the effort to travel to nearby towns of Pontypool, Blaenavon and Abersycan to see it !”


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