a sign warning shoppers that trolleys can't be take past this point
Signs warn shoppers that Asda trolleys can't pass a red line around the store and car park

Ten years after being named a ‘shopping trolley blackspot‘, one Cwmbran supermarket says its approach is leading to fewer of its trollies being dumped across the town.

BBC Wales published data that showed during March 2014 more than 3,500 trolleys were reported.

But in March 2023, Asda introduced a new system that stops its trollies going across a red perimeter line around the store and car park. The wheels automatically lock and it can’t be pushed any further.

a shelter with dozens of trolleys
Cwmbran Asda has seen a cut in the number of abandoned trolleys its recieved

Cwmbran Life contacted the supermarket chain to ask what difference the system had made to the number of its trollies taken off its land. They couldn’t provide data to show the figures before the new system and the figures after it was brought in but did say there had been “significant improvements”.

An Asda spokesperson said: “Since installing a trolley retention system at our Cwmbran store, we have seen significant improvements with fewer trolleys being taken out of store and more trolleys available for our customers to use.

“We would like to thank the customers at the store for continuing to look after our trolleys.

“If any customer does spot a trolley anywhere it shouldn’t be, they can let us know by calling 0800 0933 350 or by downloading the Collex App, so that it can be collected.”

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