Ian Williams
Ian Williams

Ian Williams is the Reform candidate for Torfaen in the 2024 general election.

He explains why he is standing and why he thinks you should vote for him.

Ian said: “A short time ago I produced a paper that was headlined…Wales where democracy came to die!

“Did I really believe what I was writing about, is it true? Or was I just making things up for political purposes? The answer to the first is YES/and the second NO!

“I wrote something that I really believed in, and felt that we in Wales in particular, and the UK in general, is infected by a malaise that makes us has people ineffective.

“We suffer under a political system that makes the majority of us politically without representation!

“Just look at the changes being made in the Senedd for the 2026 Senedd elections… What may have started out as a genuine attempt to ‘improve democracy’, and by doing that make Wales a better place to live and work, it has been subverted by the Labour party, willingly assisted by Plaid Cymru.

“To hide the true nature and purpose of the exercise it must be dressed up in self-serving distractions such as ‘gender equality’, but with 26 out of 60 MSs being women we almost have gender equality now, without any special legislation.

“For on the Senedd website, under ‘Information about the Bill’, we read: “Require all candidates on a party’s list to state either whether they are, or are not, a woman”.

“I think we’re now in the realm of self-identification, and we are no longer talking about biological women.

My own personal belief is that anyone elected should be the best person for the job!

“We now have a First Minister has been bought and paid for by a person prosecuted for dumping by being paid two hundred thousand pounds for his campaign.

“He will put in a planning application for wind turbines that will destroy much of the area that was saved?

“That really was the cause of cancellation of the new route…and the cost was 144 million pounds that could have cut the length of queues waiting for operations.

“I am standing in order to bring honesty & integrity along with democracy into our political system…its been missing for too long!!!”

There are eight candidates standing for Torfaen in the 2024 General Election.

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