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Inside the new Cwmbran grocery shop where you can visit twice a week and get a basket of food for £4

two men outside a grocery store
Pastor Clyde Thomas and Matthew outside the new Grocery Store at Victory Church in Cwmbran

A new grocery shop has opened in Cwmbran to help families with the cost of living crisis.

The team at Victory Church wanted to do something different and support families who feel they may not qualify for a traditional food bank parcel. Anyone can join for an annual membership of £5.

This allows customers to visit the shop twice a week and select the following items and pay just £4.

  • Five portions of fruit/ vegetables
  • One loaf of bread
  • Two dairy items (eg milk and bread)
  • Eight cupboard items (eg tins/ rice / pasta)
  • One frozen item
  • One personal care item (eg toilet rolls, toothpaste, sanitary product)

Every item in the shop is individually priced. So customers can buy extra items and the profit from this helps to fund the £4 basket.

Clyde Thomas, pastor at Victory Church, took me on a tour and explained that anyone is welcome to pay £5 annual membership and use the shop. He said “everyone” is facing the cost of living crisis so doesn’t people to have to choose between “eating and eating.”

He said: “Needs must. We need local solutions to these problems we are facing. We have seen over 170 families sign up. Come on down and have a look, even if you’re not going to join. Spread the word for us.”

He encouraged customers who don’t want to get a £4 basket to just pick up a few items each week knowing the money they pay will go back into funding the shop.

Anyone can join and get a basket of food for £4

As there is no criteria for membership he wants any families who want to save money to become members. The shop is well laid-out with wooden crates of fruit and veg running down the middle aisle. Some items like butter and cheese aren’t included but can be bought at the till.

Matthew is a familiar face you may recognise as you walk through the door. He worked in Sainsbury’s in Cwmbran and Newport for 21 years before bringing his retail experience to this new store. During my visit he was taking some new customers through the shop and showing how it all works.

The current opening hours are :

  • Mon to Fri- 9am to 5pm (Thursday open to 7pm)
  • Saturday- 9am to 1pm

Photos from inside the new Grocery Shop


Where is Victory Church in Cwmbran?

It’s off Greenforge Way in Cwmbran. The postcode is NP44 3BA.


WATCH a video tour inside the new shop with Pastor Clyde Thomas

Note about the volume– Facebook Live can be a challenge with sound. I used a microphone but the sound does go up and down.  Please turn your volume up and watch it in a quiet place 🙂

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Inside the new Cwmbran grocery shop where you can visit twice a week and get a basket of food for £4