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Litter picker volunteers targeted two areas of Cwmbran today

A group of litter pickers
The Eco-Warriors of Bran targeted St Dials today in the first collection of 2022 (Photo from Eco-Warriors of Bran)

Residents in Llantarnam and St Dials will wake up tomorrow and see their streets are a little bit cleaner. It’s thanks to two groups of volunteers who regularly go out and about and pick up litter in the town.

Llarcs cover Llantarnam/ Oafkield and the Eco-Warriors of Bran choose a new area each week. They always love to see new members. Litter picking is a great way to get a bit of exercise, meet new people, chat and have fun doing something to make your feel good.

Both groups have linked up with Torfaen Council. If you spot a pile of red rubbish bags in your community don’t worry. These volunteers neatly pile up their filled bags of rubbish at the end of their session, then log a call with the council who arrange to collect the waste.

I love seeing people just do things for themselves. It’s so easy to shout at litter being dropped in the area near your home. But as these people have shown, you can take positive action and do something about it. These groups are organised and have gloves, litter pickers and bags.

Go on, get out and volunteer with them in 2022!

Eco-Warriors of Bran

People stood by a pile of rubbish
Photo from Eco-Warriors of Bran

Click here to join the Eco Warriors of Bran Facebook page and join their next pick. They choose a new area to target each week and meet up for a few hours on Sunday mornings.

Llarcs – Llantarnam Residents Conservation Society

Llarcs are a group of residents in Llantarnam and Oakfield who love looking after the area. Today a couple of members walked on Llantarnam Road to Oakfield Garden and filled seven bags of litter, collected some flytipping and reported one trolley.

Last May I bumped into two of the members, Bethan and her son Oliver, who were out doing a pick while walking to Cwmbran Stadium. Check out this photo of them on Instagram.

Like Llarcs on Facebook or follow them on Twitter to find out when they are out and about next in the area.

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Litter picker volunteers targeted two areas of Cwmbran today