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Lynda Clarkson is standing in the Abersychan Ward county council election as a Labour Party candidate. Read why Lynda thinks you should vote for her on 5 May

Lynda Clarkson

Lynda was asked to answer this question- You should vote for me in the Abersychan election because– and this is her answer

Hi, I’m Lynda Clarkson. I’m standing in the Abersychan  Ward as a Welsh Labour candidate for Borough and  Community Council along with Giles Davies and Bob  Rogers. 

I’ve actively volunteered and campaigned locally for 11yrs  since retiring from nursing, a Community Councillor since  2017, Borough Councillor since 2021. I’m strongly  committed to the Abersychan Ward where I’ve lived for 35  years, know the area well and the issues that concern us  all.  

Recent community actions include sourcing funding and  organising the installation of Community Defibrillators,  working with Abersychan Tin on a Wall collecting food  donations for any in need, assisting volunteers with grant  applications and securing funding, helping set up  committees to keep Community Halls open, arranging extra  litter bins, supporting residents with a wide variety of  housing, service and antisocial behaviour problems.  

I believe a good Councillor should be accessible, well  informed, seeking out best practice to drive change and  best use of available resources. Listening to and  representing the interests of the majority. We all want the  same things at the end of the day, a clean, safe and vibrant  place to live. 

If elected I’ll continue tackling issues such as community  and road safety, litter and fly tipping, Anti-social behaviour  and crime by forging strong links with Neighbourhood  Policing Teams, Housing Associations, statutory and voluntary agencies and residents to ensure all are engaged  in dealing with problems in the Ward.  

I’m not one for empty promises, I’m direct, seek achievable  outcomes, thinking outside of the box to get things done.  I’m standing as I care about our Ward, want to see  improvements and modernisation of services, realistic  investment in green energy and protection of the  environment for our future generations. We have a  responsibility to look to the future and not get stuck in the  past. I want to be part of the changes needed.  

We have a fantastic Community who’ve supported local  businesses and organisations through difficult times. As a  result we still have great shops, Post Offices, Sports Clubs,  Churches and Community Halls. Things that have  disappeared in many valley areas but make the Abersychan  Ward a great place to live and work. Many rely on  volunteers who deserve all the support they can get. I’ll  provide this and seek out other avenues of support and  grant funding to help them continue and thrive. Shop  local…it really makes a difference.  

I’m proud of the area. Yes, we have issues, challenging  times ahead, as do all areas but together as a community  we can tackle them, make a real difference. I’d work with  and for the Community. I’ve got plans and ideas, with your  support I’ll get to work. Things don’t happen overnight but  with determination and direction – we can get there. 

I’ve been asked about Council Tax increases whilst  campaigning. 

After years of Central Government funding cuts every Local  Authority has suffered the negative impacts, which means  we all feel the effects.  

A 0% rise this year would have likely meant a higher rise  next or potential cuts as costs have risen sharply for all  providing services and purchasing materials, including  Local Authorities.  

This year’s budget is balanced, maintains services and is  forward looking keeping Council Tax rises in Torfaen at  1.95% for two years, among the lowest in Wales, a 52p a  week increase to band D properties.  

The uplift from Welsh Government has been invested to  improve priority areas such as an extra £3.5 million to  schools, over 500 more domiciliary care hours weekly  which will help our local NHS by ensuring people can be  discharged promptly to their own homes, an extra £1million  to Highways, continues targeted support to those  struggling with household cost via the Discretionary  Housing Fund and the Council Tax Reduction Scheme for  low earners, a Covid Recovery Fund, employment support  for school leavers, a wage increase for Social Care staff to  the real living wage to help with recruitment and retention  and career progression prospects through collaborative  working with ABUHB, increased funding to Foster Carers  who help keep our looked after children in loving local  homes. All much needed after years of cuts in Central  Funding.

Improvements we will all benefit from. 

I’ve really enjoyed working alongside Giles Davies this past  year and Bob Rogers during the campaign and would  recommend them both to you.

Please consider using your 3 votes in the Abersychan Ward  to elect a team of committed Welsh Labour Councillors who  will work together in the interests of the area. 

Our Ward, our home, our priority. 

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Lynda Clarkson is standing in the Abersychan Ward county council election as a Labour Party candidate. Read why Lynda thinks you should vote for her on 5 May

Lynda Clarkson