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Meet the new student leadership team at Croesyceiliog School

Croesyceiliog School has a new student leadership team. The members have written this joint article to introduce themselves and talk about their work for the coming year.

Hello all. We would like to introduce ourselves as the new Student Leadership Team at Croesyceiliog School.  

Student Leadership is an important part of school life at Croesyceiliog and supports our important vision of student voice.  It is important that all students in our school community are given the opportunity to be listened to, and have their ideas taken into account when making decisions that affect them in school.

To apply we had to put forward an application explaining why we wanted to be on the Student Leadership Team and what previous experiences we’ve had in similar roles. After this we were interviewed, we were asked what we wanted to happen in the school and how we were planning on doing so. After all candidates were interviewed we were told what roles we were appointed and our plans for future meetings

Our student leadership team consists of eight members: two head students, two deputy head students and five ministries, which each oversee a different area of life in Croesyceiliog School.   The ministries will focus on the important areas of Equality, Community, Learning, Wellbeing and Environment.  Representatives of all these ministries will form our school Senedd, (our school council).

four school pupils stood in a row
Fearne Spear, Junior Munyoro, Elizabeth Jacobs, and Morgan Mates


“I applied for a role on the student leadership team because I wanted to help both staff and students feel they have a say in meetings and have a say in changes within the school. I also want to be a safe person for people from all year groups to come and talk about things they want to happen around our community.”


“I have decided to contribute towards the student leadership for Croesyceiliog School. I have chosen to do this because this is my last year within the school and I am serious about making positive changes in the school, and see the school continue on its development journey before I leave.”


“I decided to apply for a role on the Student Leadership Team because I want to see an improvement in the school atmosphere. Croesyceiliog School has given me so much and so this is my opportunity to give something back.”


“I decided to put myself forward for a position on the Student Leadership Team because I want to get students’ voices heard and let every student have an opportunity within the school community. I also want to give the younger students a chance to grow in confidence before we leave.”

group of pupils stood on stairs
Head Students Elizabeth Jacobs and Junior Munyoro.
Deputy Head Students Fearne Spear and Morgan Mates
Savannah Douglas, Rowanne Milward, Brett Thompson and Jack Beesley

We have already addressed all students during morning assemblies and used break times to talk to students and gather their ideas in a suggestions box.    This term we are looking forward to having our first Ministry and Senedd meetings, now that all form representatives have been nominated and voted for, by their form peers. We are also incredibly excited to be at the centre of the Croesyceiliog Prom Committee this year, responsible for organising this year’s Year 11 Prom, along with a group of our teachers.  It’s going to be a busy, but a great year.

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Meet the new student leadership team at Croesyceiliog School

a group of pupils stood with two teachers
The new student leadership team with headteacher Natalie Richards and Progress Leader for Year 11 James Morgan