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Memorial plaque to Queen Elizabeth II may be added to clock tower in Old Cwmbran

The Old Cwmbran clock tower
The Old Cwmbran clock tower

A memorial plaque to the late Queen may be added to the Clock Tower in Old Cwmbran.

Cwmbran Community Council discussed the idea at their Events and Community Projects Committee meeting held earlier this week. Cllr Stuart Ashley, Mount Pleasant Ward, introduced the item and said: “I just wanted to give out the suggestion of what we could do to acknowledge her reign for 70 years. I’m just throwing it open for suggestions.”

Cllr Sue Morgan, Lowlands & Avondale Ward, said: “It would be really nice to sponsor a scheme so communities could apply for their own park. It empowers communities and the community council could make an offer to all areas. I think that would be a really nice thing to do.”

a clock tower

Cllr Ashley said: “We could get a sum of money and let the community decide what to do. We have 13 community council wards.”

Cllr Bill Walker, Llantrarnam Ward, said: “If it’s a memorial it’s got to be long lasting. I’d like to see something on the memorial clock. Right in the middle of where the public walk. I think she deserves that after the time she gave to this country.”

Cllr Morgan said: “It’s not either or. I agree with Bill. Something quality that lasts and we could make the offer to local groups to plan to do something they feel is appropriate.”

Councillor Kebba Manneh, St Dials Ward, said: “I agree with all previous speakers. It’s very moving. I think this council can be more proactive and bring the schools to a part of this. We could ask the Queen’s representative for Gwent and engage with Robert Aitken. He would come here if we asked him. It has to be something that is lasting.”

Cllr Anthony Bird, Northville Ward, suggested they set aside an amount of money from the grant budget and “look at some sort of plaque.”

Wikimedia says the clock tower was built in 1936 as a tribute to those who died in World War I.

Christmas trees

The community council is funding two Christmas trees and lights. A switch-on ceremony will be held at:

  • Ladywell, Pontnewydd – Wednesday 30 November 2022 at 6 pm 
  • The Council House – Friday 2 December 2022 at 6 pm 

Community Awards evening

The closing date is 8 December for applications. Councillors were encouraged to nominate members of the community. The event will be held on Thursday 19 January. Click here for information on how to make a nomination.

Grants to Voluntary Organisations Committee

The grant meeting met on the same evening and made a number of decisions.

Greenmeadow Football Club

They were awarded £1,000. Cllr Walker said: “They are doing a good job, it seems reasonable enough. I would recommend the £1,000.”

Cwmbran Allsorts Women’s Institute

They were awarded £1,000.

Cwmbran RFC

They were awarded £1,550.



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Memorial plaque to Queen Elizabeth II may be added to clock tower in Old Cwmbran