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Morrisons car park in Cwmbran: Have you ‘received a fine unfairly’?

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Morrisons' car park in Cwmbran Credit: Cwmbran Life

Morrisons has given a message to customers who feel they have ‘received a fine unfairly’ following a change to its car park rules.

Customers have been able to park for three hours ‘during store opening hours’ for several years. But in recent weeks, signs in the car park have been updated following a new ten-minute limit ‘outside of these times.’

Morrisons told Cwmbran Life that the ten minutes only applied to cars that entered the car park from 11pm to 5am. A story on Cwmbran Life about the new ‘ten minute’ rule attracted over 185 comments on Facebook. with several saying they had received fines for parking in the car park for less than three hours but outside the 11pm to 5am limit.

One reader said: “We had a fine on a Sunday at 17.00 to 18.00 so when store was closed . I don’t think the signs are clear enough and people are getting fined still . I have stopped shopping in there now.”

Another wrote: “My daughter parked there at 6.30pm for an hour and received a £100 fine, so we’ll be contesting it!”

One reader was angry after popping in Pizza Hut on a Sunday evening to collect a takeaway and being sent a fine. She said: “So a £30 pizza order for my children turned into a £90 one.”

Cwmbran Life contacted Morrisons again and the company confirmed that customers were welcome to park for three hours between 5am and 11pm and only for ten minutes outside these times.

New statement from Morrisons

A Morrisons spokesperson said: “Customers can stay in our car park for three hours between 5am and 11pm Monday to Sunday and outside of these hours they can stay for ten minutes. customers who believe they have received a fine unfairly should contact the store or Euro Car Parks.”

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Morrisons car park in Cwmbran: Have you ‘received a fine unfairly’?