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“My mental health has been affected”: Ten families still waiting for keys to their new homes on Taylor Wimpey’s Edlogan Wharf site

Cwmbran Life has been contacted by another one of the ten families who are unable to move into their new homes on the Edlogan Wharf estate because of an ‘ongoing legal matter’ related to a ‘specific parcel of land.’

In August a family told how the delay has cost them an extra £200 a month as their original mortgage was agreed with a completion date of January 2022 but rates have since increased.

The families all signed to buy homes in the Barcud Coch phase of Edlogan Wharf. Taylor Wimpey, the developer, told Cwmbran Life that they own the site, including the land where these affected homes are built, but would not give any specific details about the cause of the delay.

This week Cwmbran Life spoke to someone who is worried she could have her mortgage extension application refused and a new interest rate could be “triple” what she currently has secured.

She said: “I reserved the plot back in August 2021. It was still six months from completion. I exchanged contracts and paid the deposit in November 21.

“The build window was February/March. Up until February I was unaware there was any problem and even booked for my look around. I am currently living with my mum in a one-bedroom property, which is not great. I thought it was only for four months and so did my mum, but nearly ten months later I am no closer to living in my home.

“I only found out quite by chance as I noticed the build completion month had changed on my Taylor Wimpey app. I enquired as to why this had happened and they then told me there was an internal problem but legal not to worry it should be all sorted as quick as they could.

“I have a whole house worth of furniture, as I moved out of my marital home, currently in storage costing me £200 per month.”

She said she was told that the problem was “negotiations between previous landowners and Taylor Wimpey.”

“It seems there is only one person working for Taylor Wimpey in South Wales as all my emails and correspondence all go straight to that same person. I even emailed the company secretary and the next day I had a call off that same person. You cannot get any answers from anyone.

“There are no regular updates, only ones when we initiate the contact.”

‘My mental health’

“My mental health has certainly been affected. To know that your new home is just sitting there all ready and no one can give us answers or help us. Taylor Wimpey don’t care about people’s lives and how it’s affecting us.

“I feel so angry as at the moment it is likely I am going to have to extend my mortgage offer which as yet could be declined and it will now be at triple the interest rate I have. At present I do not know how much more it will go up. I am dreading it if I am honest, along with knowing everything that is happening with energy bills and the cost of living.”

Response from Taylor Wimpey

A Taylor Wimpey spokesperson said: “We sincerely apologise to our customers who are experiencing a delay in moving into their home at Barcud Coch, Edlogan Wharf. Customer satisfaction is our priority and we are in regular contact with everyone affected. We will continue to work positively with all parties concerned to resolve the outstanding issue as soon as possible.”

The spokesperson confirmed that the ten families would get the keys to their new homes once the legal matter was sorted out but they could not give a timeline. They have been offered the option to cancel their contract with Taylor Wimpey and receive a refund of all out-of-pocket expenses. All the families have been advised to seek legal advice from a solicitor.

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“My mental health has been affected”: Ten families still waiting for keys to their new homes on Taylor Wimpey’s Edlogan Wharf site

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