group of teenagers playing basketball
A group of teenagers using the new basketball court in Cwmbran Park Credit: Cwmbran Park

A £221,000 investment in an outdoor sports court in Cwmbran is proving popular.

The former tennis courts at Cwmbran Park have refurbished and now include netball and basketball courts. The total cost of the project was £221,064.26 and funding was secured from:

  • Tennis Wales (LTA) £94,316.03
  • Sports Wales £104,275
  • Torafen Council’s Contribution (S106)  £22,473.23

S106 is money the council has received from developers who have built homes in an area to mitigate the loss of other facilities from new developments.

The main photo was taken on the evening of Wednesday 19 April 2024. Around ten teenagers were spotted using the basketball section. It looked like two groups of four or five were training at each end, possibly before having a match.

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fencing around a tennis court
Photo showing the courts in Cwmbran Park before the work started Credit: Cwmbran Life

Where are the new sports courts in Cwmbran?

They’re in Cwmbran Park, next to the bowling green off Henllys Way.