Nikki Brooke
Nikki Brooke

Nikki Brooke, from Newport, is the Heritage Party candidate for Torfaen in the 2024 general election.

She explains why she is standing and why she thinks you should vote for her.

She said: “I am a Person, NOT a Politician!’

“This is such an exciting quest for me, as until very recently I would never have imagined I would stand as a candidate in the general election – so you might ask WHY I’m doing it?”

“It’s my view that the majority of politicians in government, do not care for, or listen to the people they represent.

“Someone recently said to me ‘The system has always been corrupt – there’s nothing you can do’ – Well I am doing something – I am offering people who are fed up with those in power dictating to us, lying to us and carelessly wasting our money, to shake up their gravy train and vote against them. It’s time for this to end.

“No-one should have to rely on foodbanks, be unable to heat their homes adequately and live on the breadline. It’s disgraceful that we have allowed our country to fall to such levels. It’s time we as a nation stand up and push back against this.”

“There seems to be a great deal of apathy in society around politics and this has allowed the main parties to pass power between themselves and whilst we aren’t engaged in what they are doing, they pass legislation which works against us – eroding our freedoms with the introduction of 15 minute cities, net zero, mass immigration and mandated vaccinations to name just a few.

“Also, education has been downgraded so much, it’s more of a childcare system. I have yet to meet a child that enjoys school and in some areas of the UK there is a horrifying introduction of ‘sexualisation and subversion’ where the trans and multiple genders are now seen as the norm.

“Basically, the whole system needs a radical reform. Real people need to be the ones representing the public, not career politicians.

“I’m standing as a candiate for Heritage Party, as I feel David Kurten is the only political leader who stands up for what is right, fair and speaks out when it’s not popular to do so and genuinely is a good person.

“If you want things to change, you have to take action. I welcome you to join me.”

There are eight candidates standing for Torfaen in the 2024 General Election.

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