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Nudist open water swimming session starts at Cwmbran Boating Lake

Cwmbran Boating Lake
Cwmbran Boating Lake Credit: Cwmbran Life

*NOTE* This was our April Fool’s Day story for 2022

A new open water swimming club with a difference has come to Cwmbran. Now you can leave your bobble hats, trunks and swimsuits at home and swim in the buff every morning.

Lockdown saw open water swimming go nuts across the UK as people wanted a dip while pools were closed. Remember when you couldn’t open Facebook without seeing a selfie of someone from your schooldays forcing a smile stood in a muddy pond?

A Cwmbran man is taking it a step further. Oliver Cloth-Soff loved the benefits of open water swimming, like a boosted immune system and sleeping better, but didn’t enjoy the stress of choosing what trunks to wear each day.

He now goes to Cwmbran Boating Lake every morning at 5.30am for a 30-minute swim in the nude with several like-minded friends.

“In the old days we called this skinny dipping and I doubt there is an adult in Cwmbran who hasn’t done it at least once.  I’m thinking of calling us Cwmbran Skinny Dipping Club but feel that Cwmbran and District Open Water Naturist Swimming Society makes us sound more professional.

“A bit shy”

“One little problem is that Network Rail cut down all the old trees by the railway track last year. Our members were hoping to hide behind the conifers to strip off as some can be a bit shy, which is quite funny when you think about it.

“Our first job is attracting new members. There are 48,535 people living in Cwmbran which means a lot of birthdays every day of the year. We have created a special offer.  Don’t spend loads of money on a new outfit for your birthday, come along to the lake in your ‘birthday suit’ and you can swim for free on your special day.

“We did a survey on who was about at 5.30am and only saw a couple of anglers, all with their rods and tackle out on the bank, but snoozing in their tents so we won’t disturb them.

“I asked my best mate to join and he said ‘not a chance’. I think he’s just being clothes-minded.

“Us open water swimmers can’t have a dip without sharing it on social media. Taking a nude selfie means you have to be a bit more creative but it is possible to get a photo that won’t get you banned from Facebook, so don’t let that put you off.”


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Nudist open water swimming session starts at Cwmbran Boating Lake