The Bush Inn held its first open mic night of 2012 last night. This teamed up nicely with the landlord’s homemade pizzas at prices from £5 to £6.50. Singers, poets, comedians, musicians, storytellers and anyone with something to say can take the mic and have some time in the spotlight. Last night involved musicians and singers. I only know one joke and this was not the pub or the time to tell it so I sat quietly and watched. 

Drinkers enjoyed joining in a few of the songs. The most popular one was probably The Wild Rover.

A round of drinks is very reasonable. A pint of Doom Bar, a pint of Guinness and two single Bacardi and diet cokes came to £9.90. A beer from the Rhymney Brewery (sorry I can’t remember what one) was also available.

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Here are some photos of those brave enough to step up to the mic.


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