The former RAFA club in Cwmbran has changed and is now Forgehammer Community Interest Company (CIC).

The club’s stewardess told Cwmbran Life that their main ethos was to “bring the community together”.

Alice Bosley said: “We became a CIC on 1 April 2023. Our main ethos is to bring the community together. Our little tagline is ‘we are stronger together’. Whilst people might be used to this being a club, a members’ club, we’re very much not that.

“Yes, we still have a bar, and yes, we still have members, we still have club days where they come in and socialise, but we are now more about bringing the community into our space, in a safe, warm, nurturing environment.

“We have lots of things going on but we’re always looking for more people so if anybody wants to, we are here.

chairs and table in a bar
(Photo: Cwmbran Life)

“We hire the hall out. The hall is £10 an hour. If you want the bar open as well it’s £20 an hour so we’re very reasonable. If it’s for a charity event, it’s just a nominal fee and then the bar staff donate their time.

“Our hall holds 120 people. We’ve got a lovely dance floor. We’ve just had a ballet school open here. They love our dance floor because we’ve got a sprung dance floor like a proper ballroom.

“We hire it out for parties. Once a month we have a band here that is open to anybody. You do have to buy a ticket to come in.

a stage in a social club
(Photo: Cwmbran Life)

“We’re doing really well. The more people that come, the more bands we will be able to put on. We’ve had some really good bands in here so far. We’re trying to have something for people to look forward to get them out and about.

“If anyone from the community wants to use us, we’re here. We are available. It’s trying to get our name out there amongst all the other community halls and community centres to say ‘we’re here and we’ve got a really nice space with excellent parking outside’.”

The club is currently used by groups including the Bois y Bryn sea shanty choir, Cwmbran Line Dancing Club, Cwmbran Historical Society, and a darts team.

Public Living Room

Every Friday from 10am to 4pm, they open a ‘public living room’ in the club. It’s a place where anyone can pop along for a hot drink and a chat. The club’s website says:

The public living room is exactly that, a warm and cosy living room that is open to the public.  We invite anyone and everyone who would like to call in for a chat and a cuppa. Usually a snack too. We look forward to meeting lots of new friends of all shapes and sizes, mum’s/dad’s and babies who could do with an hour out from the four walls. More mature members of Cwmbran who would like an hour out from the four walls.

Name it and you are welcome, come and sit in the warm with a book if you choose. Please don’t be shy we are a very nice group of people. It’s just a warm room where you can sit quietly and have a cuppa, no one will bother you.

Also in the warm room we have things to do should you like to join in, card games, board games and a bookcase full of good books.  Please, come one come all, old and young to spend time in a warm room with nice people who will know your name and be really glad you’re there.

Contact Forgehammer CIC

Call 01633 868100 or email

Visit the club’s website.

Forgehammer CIC in Cwmbran
Forgehammer CIC
in Cwmbran (Photo: Cwmbran Life)

Where is Forgehammer CIC?