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Panto review: Beauty and the Beast by Evie, a year six pupil at Woodlands Community Primary School

A year six class at Woodlands Community Primary School in Cwmbran went on a trip to watch Beauty and the Beast at The Riverfront in Newport. Pupil Evie Rostro wrote this review for Cwmbran Life.

What is the pantomime about?

The pantomime is called ‘Beauty and the Beast’, it’s about a girl who can’t seem to find the one she loves. One day when she goes out into the woods and finds a castle, she also finds that her dad works at the forbidden castle. She wants to see  ‘The Beast’ who she has heard lives inside.

When ‘Beast’ was younger he fell under a curse by a witch, because he was a very rude little boy. However, Rose ( Beauty ) wanted to break the curse and save ‘Beast’ from being a beast forever.

The night of the red moon was also the last night Beast could be saved. People hated The Beast and wanted to kill him. Can Rose save the beast?

a school class sat in the theatre
Mrs Cooper’s year six class at The Riverfront

Who would the pantomime be suitable for?

I think the pantomime is suitable for everybody, maybe not small babies, or children under the age of two because of the loud noises.  I think that it could possibly be suitable for everybody! The pantomime was amazing! I could watch it over and over again!

What was your favourite scene or song? Why?

My favourite scene was when the Beauty, and the Beast fell in love, or when the Beast finished his first book. My favourite song was ‘Somewhere Only We Know’, the reason why is because I found it quite emotional, the way they made it sound so real, I was blown away!

Who was your favourite character? Why?

My favourite character was Mickey, because he made me and my entire friends laugh. I thought he was really funny. In the end, I don’t think he found true love, maybe in the next pantomime he will!

What would you suggest audiences take with them to have the best experience?

Definitely take some sweets to munch on, and maybe a big bag to share with your friends. Don’t forget to bring some savoury snacks too, maybe some Doritos, or Wotsits. Get comfy, maybe take your shoes off, and RELAX!

3 words to describe the pantomime

  • Funky!
  • Romantic
  • Relaxing

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Panto review: Beauty and the Beast by Evie, a year six pupil at Woodlands Community Primary School

poster for beauty and the beast
Image- Newport Live