Philip Davies
Philip Davies

The Green Party has announced its candidate for Torfaen in the upcoming general election.

UK voters will head to the polling stations on Thursday 4 July. The Green Party’s candidate in Torfen will be Phillip Davies.

He said: “It is an honour to be the Green Party Candidate for my home constituency. Torfaen is an area where Labour often takes people votes for granted.

“There seems to be almost no difference in what currently on offer from Starmer’s Labour and the Tories.

“The level of inequality across the UK is shocking. Wales has the highest rate of child poverty in Western Europe with one in three children growing up in poverty, yet tackling this issue is hardly ever mentioned by other parties. Torfaen sadly has some of the most deprived communities in Wales.

“This is a disgrace and reflective of both the UK and Welsh governments attitude towards us. They are failing areas like ours. The People of Torfaen deserve so much better than what we are currently being offered.

“One of the reasons I first joined the Green party many years ago was because unlike other parties we believe in Grassroots democracy and community centred politics, not top-down dictatorial politics.

“I’m free to speak up for Torfaen and promise to stand up for our communities and offer a positive green alternative to the current business as usual politics that doesn’t work for the people of Torfaen. We know after 14 years of Tory rule that Labour is going to win this General Election.

“By voting Green at this election in Torfaen you will be showing the incumbent Labour MP and the other parties that offering nothing other than not being the Tories simply isn’t good enough. We fundamentally need to change our current unequal system that doesn’t work for people or the planet.

“Only the Greens are offering this. A vote for me and the Green party is a vote for a hardworking candidate and a party promising to build a better future that is fairer for all.

“I grew up in and still reside in the Oakfield area of Cwmbran. I attended the old Oakfield Primary and Llantarnam Comprehensive school. I then went on to study at Aberystwyth University gaining a Degree in Psychology and then a Masters in International Politics before returning to Cwmbran.

“I have always been passionate about getting Young People interested and actively engaged in Politics and I am currently the Political Education Officer for the Young Greens of England and Wales.

“I was also honoured to have been chosen as the Deputy Leader of Wales Green Party earlier this year which I think is also reflective of the fact that unlike other parties we actually value Young Peoples contributions rather than patronising them.

“Away from politics I am an active volunteer in a number community groups in Torfaen and also enjoy spending my free time walking in nature, watching football, and reading. I also enjoy playing darts (badly) and play in one of the Cwmbran pub leagues.”

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Facebook- Philip Davies Wales Green Party Deputy Leader
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Voter ID needed for general election

This will be the first general election where voters must show ID at the polling stations before being given a ballot paper. A range of documents are accepted. Staff at Torfaen Libraries can help anyone who needs support to apply for a voter authority certificate.

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