nathan edmunds
Nathan Edmunds

It was 2.31am on Friday 5 July when I asked Nathan Edmunds, the Conservative candidate for Torfaen for his views on his campaign and the general election.

In nine minutes, the result would be announced for Torfaen.

Nathan said: “It’s been a steep learning curve. It’s a lot of work involved, especially when you’re trying to hold down a full-time job. It’s a lot of work with the party as well.

“It’s been an interesting experience and something I would be put myself forward to do again in five years.

“It’s not something I would want to do straightway because it is exhausting mentally and physically. But yes, I’ve enjoyed the process.”

National results were coming in on the large TV screen 30 meters from where were speaking. The exit poll prediction of a “Labour landslide” seemed to be correct.

Nathan said it was essential the Conservatives held second place to be the Government’s opposition.

I asked him about the turnout in Torfaen.

“Turnout is very low [across UK], I mean here it was very low, just below 50% (49.9%, down from 59.6% in the 2019 general election).

“Turnout, not just this election, but I’ve noticed in the council elections. I think politics has become very divisive and I think a lot of people are fed up with all parties and just not enthused.

“Parties need to do more to try and encourage people to come out and vote because I think a lot of people are just fed up of politics. I think it almost feels like there’s been too much since Brexit.

“There’s been a lot of tension on a lot of subjects and I think as parties we need to do more to try and encourage that turnout. If you’re getting elected and only 50% turn out, that’s not good for democracy

“So I think as parties we all need to do more to encourage people to come out and vote. In some countries they don’t have the right to vote, or they’re almost forced to vote a certain way.”

Torfaen 2024 general election result

Nick Thomas-Symonds, Welsh Labour, won the Torfaen seat in the 2024 General Election.

The full result of this morning’s election count for Torfaen:

  • Welsh Labour- Nick Thomas-Symonds- 15,176
  • Reform UK- Ian Williams- 7,854
  • Welsh Conservative Party- Nathan Edmunds- 5,737
  • Plaid Cymru- Matthew Jones- 2,571
  • The Green Party- Philip Davies- 1,705
  • Welsh Liberal Democrats- Brendan Roberts- 1,644
  • Independent- Lee Dunning- 881
  • Heritage Party- Nikki Brooke- 137