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Pupils create and launch new wellbeing app at Cwmbran school

A group of around 30 pupils at a Cwmbran school spent the last term creating their own wellbeing app and today they launched it in front of parents and guests.

The year five and six children at Woodlands Community Primary School took turns to stand up and tell the packed room what they have been doing and the skills they learned.

a group of pupils stood up in front of an audience
Pupils at Woodlands Community Primary School launched their app today to a hall full of parents and guests

two older pupil use ipads watched by pupils

Their app, Wellbeing Warriors, is designed to help people reduce stress and anxiety and improve their mental health.

Views from pupils

I chatted to four pupils about the last term to find out what they enjoyed and their views on technology.

Indie said: “We’ve learned artificial intelligence. We’ve learned augmented reality. We’ve learned how to do digital drawings. We’ve learned loads and it’s crazy.”

Neve said: “Augmented reality is where you have a device and through the device you can see that there is something there, but in real life that item is not actually there. So it’s using the iPad to make it seem like it’s really there.”

Evie said: “Technology is getting more advanced as our life goes on. Because obviously AR is getting a lot more better and I think it’s going to be our future. Like seeing as Elon Musk is making robots that can take over jobs, like waitresses and teachers, we have been doing a lot about that.”

Holly said: “I’ve enjoyed how many skills we have learned throughout this whole thing because at the start we didn’t know how to make an app. We didn’t know anything about all the skills and at the end we’ve come so far learning so many skills.”

Children worked with Martin Jones and Ann Roberts from training company Value Added Education, and class teachers Hollie Kerton and Belinda Todd.

Following the launch, the guests in the hall were invited to meet pupils at tables and try out different features of the app.

Download Wellbeing Warriors

Click here to download it from the App Store.

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Pupils create and launch new wellbeing app at Cwmbran school

four girls in Woodlands Community Primary School
(l to r) Indie, Neve, Holly and Evie are part of the year 5/6 group who created an app