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School football match report from Coed Eva v Woodlands

Eleven-year-old Tyler Banks is a year six pupil at Coed Eva Community Primary School. His school recently played Woodland Community Primary School as part of a new league in the area. This is his match report.

Friday 27th September at 11am. It was the first game of the season! Coed Eva School met Woodlands School on home soil. As both sides warmed up, they both thought their going to win. Coed Eva were lucky with a full squad of 14 players. They were Tyler B, Tyler P, Harri, Lucian, Kaylen, Dylan, Cainan, Louie, Flynn, Erin, Toby, Joey, Lexi, Kye.

The game started and Coed Eva got off to great start and attack the ball and make Woodlands players worried. Coed Eva shoot for goal but miss. The press and speed was the basis of how the game goes for the rest of the match.

Woodlands got a free kick outside of the box and curled it top bins and scored. The tackles in defence and the saves pulled off by the keepers kept Woodlands from scoring more than two goals.

The final result was Coed Eva 11-2 Woodlands. What a great start to the season for Coed Eva.

Goals were scored by:

  • Harri x3
  • Tyler P x2
  • Kye x3
  • Joey x2
  • Kaylen x1

Match report by Tyler Banks



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School football match report from Coed Eva v Woodlands

a football match at a school
Photo: Coed Eva Community Primary School