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Site for mobile phone mast in Cwmbran approved

A SITE for a mobile phone mast has been agreed after a telecoms firm was told it could no longer use its existing spot.

Members of Torfaen Borough Council’s planning committee were asked to give their prior approval to the plan to put the 20 metre high mast, that will support six antennas and two transmission dishes, on a grass verge at Caldicot Way on the Avondale Industrial Estate in Cwmbran.

Planning officer Justin Jones told the committee the application, which was submitted by property firm Perry Williams Ltd, was required as “the mast nearby has to be moved as the landowners have served a notice to quit”.

It wasn’t stated where the mast, that is to be removed, is located but a report to the planning committee said it the industrial estate has been chosen as “a mast further outside the dense residential area would not provide the 5G coverage required” and other locations had been discounted due to the visual impact or due to highway safety.

Planning policy requires a “positive response” to new mobile phone infrastructure but the council is required to decide if prior approval of sites is required and if so whether to agree it or not. If no decision was made by the committee, which met last week, the firm could have progressed with its plans after September 15, as 56 since its application being submitted had passed.

Upper Cwmbran Labour councillor Steve Evans asked how far the nearest houses are from the development and whether there have been any studies into the “radio waves that does affect some people.” Mr Jones said the nearest houses, on the opposite side of the road, are 22 metres away and a declaration that radio waves are within nationally recognised standards had been provided.

The application also includes four equipment cabinets which will be at the base of the mast, and the application was approved unanimously.

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Site for mobile phone mast in Cwmbran approved

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