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Swap till you drop: Swap shop and learn basic sewing and how to make bags out of t-shirts at FREE Cwmbran event

Volunteers have organised a community event in Cwmbran for people to sell, swap or share anything. Visitors can also take part in a basic sewing skills workshop to bring old clothes back to life.

Members of Llarcs (the Llantarnam Residents Conservation Society) are making it easy for people to take part in Second-Hand September, an Oxfam initiative to reduce waste. They want people to bring along unwanted items for other people to have.

It takes place on Saturday 23 September in Oakfield Flower Gardens from 10.30am to 12.30pm and is being supported by Bron Afon Community Housing. 

In the event description, organisers said: “Join us for a fun-filled morning at Oakfield Flower Gardens on Saturday 23 September where, as a community, we’ll be selling, sharing or swapping our unwanted and unused items and re-imagining, reusing and upcycling our old clothes. By recirculating our stuff and buying, using and donating second-hand, we can help to reduce the demand for new items and reduce waste. This all helps to reduce the damage to our planet and helps our wallets too.”

The two-hour event includes:

  • Community table-top sale- Have a clear-out and bring any unwanted household items and clothes to either sell or share with the community. Just bring a blanket or table to display your items.
  • Toy Swap- Encourage your children to choose up to three toys or games to swap or share.
  • Basic sewing skills workshop- Come and learn basic sewing skills such as how to sew on a button and darn a hole.
  • Tie-dying- For adults and children. Bring along any light-coloured fabric you would like to bring back to life. This could be anything from an old t-shirt to a pillow case.
  • Fabric crafts- Learn how to make bags from old t-shirts and juggling balls out of odd socks. Organisers have some materials to use but please bring any old t-shirts and socks.
  • Refreshments- Refreshments are available but feel free to bring a picnic and enjoy the gardens after the event.


To help organisers make sure they have enough craft items and refreshments, please register online for free here.

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Swap till you drop: Swap shop and learn basic sewing and how to make bags out of t-shirts at FREE Cwmbran event

a group of adult and children stand in park while some draw in chalk on a path
The event takes place in Oakfield Gardens (Photo: Cwmbran Life)