Social networks went a bit crazy last night shortly after 11pm after a big bang was heard in Cwmbran. I turned on Radio Five Live and heard an expert talk about a small meteor (shooting star) the size of a golf ball shooting over Wales and Shropshire causing a bright flash. The callers didn’t mention the noise, just the light. This story is on Wales Online now and reports:

At around 11.10pm, people across the UK reported seeing a bright light travelling across the skies which allegedly exploded near Cwmbran

  1. richards_118
    Never seen a town be so excited over a noise. I love Cwmbran.
    Mon, Aug 27 2012 17:49:59
  2. EarlGreyQueen
    @bbcwales Any news about the huge explosion heard in Cwmbran/Newport area last night please? About 11.30pm.
    Mon, Aug 27 2012 23:03:58
  3. lloydyno1
    Didn’t hear the #loudbang in Cwmbran & have no idea what it was but if I wake up dead tomorrow I’ll be furious!!
    Mon, Aug 27 2012 19:21:59
  4. crystallynne81
    @JonMorter yep alot of my facebook buddies r doin the same, sum from newport, blaenavon, cwmbran, pontypool too…. Mmmm
    Mon, Aug 27 2012 17:22:19
  5. smith_ll
    “@Jordlol: SEE I AM NOT CRAZY. Something definitely lit up my garden just before the the loud bang.” Where you to? #Cwmbran
    Mon, Aug 27 2012 15:52:20
  6. NatashaW503
    What’s happened down Cwmbran/Newport?!?!
    Mon, Aug 27 2012 15:22:39
  7. LizAnnCox
    @Jordlol it’s not that. It’s what Cwmbran people guessed but everyone has heard it for miles
    Mon, Aug 27 2012 16:01:44
  8. mynameisjoely
    @EarlGreyQueen I just heard it and we are in upper Cwmbran….
    Mon, Aug 27 2012 15:21:31
  9. DominicCamargo
    Anyone els in newport/cwmbran hear that big bang?
    Mon, Aug 27 2012 15:21:05
  10. Eirlys87
    Seems to have been an explosion heard in Newport, Cwmbran and Usk. So obviously friends/family must text me asking about it. I’m in Devon.
    Mon, Aug 27 2012 15:26:15
  11. emilugh
    What the hell just went on in Cwmbran??? The massive bang that everyone seems to have heard? #ohgod
    Mon, Aug 27 2012 15:30:21
  12. hannahprice123
    I bet you they shot that lion in Essex and the gun was that loud you could hear it In new inn and Cwmbran 😮 #justathought #sarcasm
    Mon, Aug 27 2012 15:31:23
  13. emilybleazard
    didn’t hear a bang, obviously live on the awesome side of cwmbran
    Mon, Aug 27 2012 15:36:30
  14. smith_ll
    “@feakins25: Anyone else just hear that very loud bang? #Hereford” yeah #Cwmbran
    Mon, Aug 27 2012 15:36:59
  15. Jordlol
    Seriously though, It must have been a huge bang in Cwmbran if I heard it in Blaenavon.
    Mon, Aug 27 2012 15:32:00
  16. kayasilver94
    @Channy01 haven’t you seen it all over twitter?! Apparently it was in cwmbran/newport
    Mon, Aug 27 2012 15:36:54
  17. J_bNCFC
    What has happened in Cwmbran?? @JunioJames bloody turn your phone on!!! Run from the aliens!!!!!!
    Mon, Aug 27 2012 17:50:06
  18. cheynisex
    i dont think any of cwmbran heard this bang haha
    Mon, Aug 27 2012 15:50:03
  19. LizAnnCox
    @Jordlol my brother is now on the case as theres rumours everywhere . I have actually googled newsed Cwmbran but no luck
    Mon, Aug 27 2012 15:54:49
  20. J_bNCFC
    @JunioJames MATE what’s this about a bang in Cwmbran?? REPLY TO ME NOW!!!!!
    Mon, Aug 27 2012 17:44:45
  21. JonMorter
    Some FB friends reporting a “massive explosion” in Newport/Cwmbran ?
    Mon, Aug 27 2012 17:09:51
  22. ImRobertoo
    omg i am scared:L wtf is this bang? i never heard it but people have from all round newport to cwmbran to hereford :S? #scared
    Mon, Aug 27 2012 16:00:52
  23. justudare
    anyone know what the “explosion” noise was a result of in Cwmbran?
    Mon, Aug 27 2012 15:59:54
  24. EarlGreyQueen
    @justudare Lots of theories, it’s been heard all over! Personally I favour an alien invasion #cwmbran #noworktomorrow
    Mon, Aug 27 2012 16:01:48
  25. Newport_monkey
    @kylejohns1 if you search Cwmbran some girl reckons it was a warehouse exploding but someone heard it in Hereford. #notaclue
    Mon, Aug 27 2012 15:54:50
  26. sssuckitandsee
    apparently in cwmbran/newport there was just a flash of light in the sky and a huge bang and everyone on facebook is like ‘OMG ALIENS!!!’ no
    Mon, Aug 27 2012 16:34:18
  27. Luke_e_Boy
    The Cwmbran explosion what could it be? Good question I never heard a thing. Any news though would be great.
    Mon, Aug 27 2012 16:18:20
  28. CrustyKestrel
    Calling it now, alien invasion. Why they would invade the Newport/Cwmbran area is beyond me though.
    Mon, Aug 27 2012 17:24:23
  29. FutbalFox
    Explosion/alien invasion/riot/fire/lightning in Cwmbran. #PrayForCwmbran
    Mon, Aug 27 2012 17:42:24

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